Martine - 2016

Right girls you have to have this done please.....I honestly had the most amazing experience in the shop Wings of light in ware yesterday. It's a beautiful little well being centre in Ware. Now this reflexology was like nothing I have ever had before! Not only did it feel amazing, that combined with the room, the music, the smells etc and her having a passion for wanting to help- not just take your money. I felt so happy and positive after and still do today :-) It was like she had pressed a reset button in me. Please book in asap £25. I'm having it done every other week and at least once a month forever now :-) She told me about my personality through my feet. She said I was a very open and creative person and then told me all of the areas of my body that need some work and healing. It's not just in and out but a feedback on your body after. Can't recommend her enough. Lots of love. Light and peace lol xxxxx

Vicky - 2016

I could write an essay about Kim and all the help, love and support she has given me over the last year, but I know I need to keep this relatively short - so here goes!!


Kim has a natural ability to sense how you are feeling and will regularly go above and beyond the parameters of the treatment booked in order to make sure you leave in a happier, more relaxed place than when you arrived.


I credit Kim, through using reiki and rahanni, with removing past fears, self esteem issues and generally helping me to finally be the happiest and most contented person I can be.


Therefore, my suggestion to you would be; even if you think reiki isn't for you, just have one session with Kim and I guarantee you will be booking your second as you leave

Nicola - 2016

I first met Kim when my eldest daughter started seeing her for reiki, after her first session with Kim she no longer was the stressed and confused upset young lady who was there an hour before. She became calmer and happier with herself within a few treatments and sailed through her GCSEs without any problems whatsoever. Kim really has changed her life for the better and has taught her techniques on how to cope if things get on top of her. I really believe that if it wasn't for Kim her story would be a very different one. She is now studying hard for her A levels and has a very bright future ahead. Trusting your children with something so powerful is a very hard thing to do however I never for one moment worried about my daughter being in the safe and magical hands of an angel.



07525 719993


07525 719993