Aromatherapy Massage is a complimentary therapy which uses essential oils from plants, flowers, wood, seeds, roots, nuts, and fruit. The oils are extracted by various means to be used in baths, for massage, compresses and cosmetic purposes. Because the oils are very concentrated they are used in very small amounts and when used for massage they are added to carrier oils.

Because we take in smells and scents through the nostrils they are taken to the brain very quickly via the limbic system. The limbic system controls emotions and influences the nervous system and production.


Each oil has a different healing quality.


Aromatherapy massage is an ancient art but has seen a comeback recently as other holistic therapies have enjoyed a renaissance.

Like other complimentary therapies Aromatherapy cannot be used to claim to cure any complaint but it is a useful tool that can offer gentle and effective benefits that can complement conventional medicine. We will use Essential oils and make a special blend on the day of your treatment with how you are feeling including any physical symtoms. There is always a little left over so I will put it in a little bottle of happiness for you to take home, either pop it in the bath, smooth into your skin or place a few drops into a oil burner to release the beautiful smells so your treatment last longer… Prices: 60 Minute - Full Body £60.00 45 Minute - Half Body £45.00 Back, Neck & Shoulder - 30 Minutes £27.00 60 Minutes £42.00 Hand Reflexology £30.00 Reflexology £30.00
 Swedish Massage can be added to Full Body, Half Body, Back, Neck & Shoulder at no extra cost.



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07525 719993