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Amor Therapies is a Hertfordshire based mobile holistic therapy service created from the heart with only your well-being as its soul intention.

Kim offers Amor Therapies from a growing number of centres and locations around the UK. A full list of days, dates and times can be found by clicking the below.

Amor's very own Sanctuary 'The Olive Tree' is growing beautifully in it's peaceful and tranquil setting in rural Hertfordshire...see latest news below.

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Kim is an experienced and intuitive reader and therapist who has a genuine passion and down to earth approach at working with the energies within the body.  Kim’s passion is to help not only on the physical, but also emotional and spiritual levels to intuitively guide people of all ages and to reach a place of serenity, harmony and a sense of peace within.  Kim’s natural gift and ability will ensure that you feel calm, safe and at total ease throughout your treatment.


Kim offers a wide range of treatments from massage’s to one to one readings, by using an holistic and heart centre approach, Kim will take into account both the physical and emotional factors that may be affecting your overall well-being and offer you tools that can be taken away and used within your daily life to help guide you toward your dreams, goals and true life purpose.


Kim’s own personal life experiences and trauma led her on a path of self -discovery, awareness, healing and enlightenment that she now wishes to share with you openly.


What is Holistic Therapy?


The Benefits Of Massage...


The Benefits of using crystals in your treatments...

Crystals have been used as massage tools for centuries. Crystal massage can be a really beautiful and uplifting experience. It works on a deep esoteric level and not only does the physical body enjoy total relaxation but all the inner emotional stresses are brought skillfully to the surface of the mind – and dissipated.


One theory is that gemstone therapy works as a means to strengthen the body because crystals have their own distinct vibrational frequencies. The vibrations within the aura of the crystal, when placed next to you, cause your own aura’s vibrational rate to change.



07525 719993


07525 719993